Gay Bathhouses and Public Health Policy

Author: William J. Woods (PhD.)
Secondary Author: Diane Binson
ISBN: 9781560232728

Explore the impact of AIDS on the gay bathhouse culture Public health policy on bathhouses has been limited and poorly documented. This book--the first to be published on this timely and important topic--will help you become knowledgeable about gay bathhouses. Unlike most other places where men have sex in public, gay bathhouses are subject to government-imposed health regulations. Gay Bathhouses and Public Health Policy examines the bathhouse environment and how it differs from other public sex environments. It describes public policies that have been implemented, discussing policies for HIV prevention, testing, and intervention; issues related to civil liberties; and the legal aspects of these policies. This essential book also includes a fascinating chapter about other types of sex businesses--bookstores, theaters, and sex clubs--and how public policy affected them in the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Helpful tables and figures make the information in this well referenced b

Publisher: Harrington Park Press
Publish Date: 2003

Subjects: Medical / Health Policy

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