Fighting Words

An Open Letter to Queers and Radicals

Author: Scott Tucker
ISBN: 9780304335374

Fighting Words is about identity and solidarity in an age of global corporations and epidemics, when the borders of the body politic can still get very personal. It is a brief guide to sexual politics from Oscar Wilde to outing, from Sojourner Truth to Kate Millet, from suffragettes to Lesbian Avengers. Finally, it is a survey of liberalism in retreat, of the far right's advancing 'cultural war', and a call for more coherent resistance among radicals and queers.

Publisher: Cassell
Publish Date: 1995

Subjects: Political Science / Political Ideologies / Communism, Post-Communism & Socialism, Social Science / LGBT Studies / Gay Studies

This book is available in the following Community Centers: LGBT Recource Center (Location: )