The Last Time I Wore a Dress

Author: Daphne Scholinski
ISBN: 9781573220774

At the age of fifteen, Daphne Scholinski was put in a mental hospital for what her psychiatrist called ?failure to identity as a sexual female.? The hospital gave her a diagnosis that was brand-new to the medical books: Gender Identity Disorder. The years that should have been Daphne?s typical high school experience instead consisted of periods of seclusion and physical restraint, frequent does of sedatives, and the close company of people who were truly crazy.It?s hard to believe that doctors, circa 1981, described Daphne?s treatment goals as becoming more obsessive about boys, learning about makeup, dressing more like a girl, curling and styling hair, and spending quality time learning about girl things with peers. Even now, after a decade and a half of our culture?s coming to grips with homosexuality, approximately fifty thousand teenagers are institutionalized in the U.S. each year for being too sissy or too much of a tomboy.Though the facts are truly frightening, Jane Meredith Ada

Publisher: Riverhead Books
Publish Date: 1997

Subjects: Social Science / Gay Studies

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