The Rights of People who are HIV Positive

The Authoritative ACLU Guide to the Rights of People Living with HIV Disease and AIDS

Author: William B. Rubenstein
ISBN: 9780809319923

First and foremost, HIV disease presents a profound medical problem affecting a person’s health and longevity. Yet health and health care cannot be viewed outside of the social context. We cannot, William B. Rubenstein, Ruth Eisenberg, and Lawrence O. Gostin insist, lose sight of the fact that the questions involved in living with HIV disease are often human rights issues that are negotiated through the legal system. Can a hospital refuse to treat me because I’m infected? Can my insurance company terminate my coverage? Will the government deport me? Who has a right to know of my health status? The health policies, practices, and programs generated by the HIV epidemic also give rise to legal questions: Can doctors be forcibly tested and removed from practice if they are infected with HIV? Can hospital patients be required to have HIV tests? What are the responsibilities of a pregnant woman with HIV infection? Do school children have a right to information about HIV disease? In fact,

Publisher: Southern Illinois University Press
Publish Date: 1996

Subjects: Law / Medical Law & Legislation

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