Inside the academy and out

lesbian/gay/queer studies and social action

Author: Janice Lynn Ristock
Secondary Author: Catherine Taylor
ISBN: 9780802078483

There is an urgent need for effective political and social action in support of lesbian and gay rights. However, writing from the field of lesbian/gay/queer studies is often sophisticated theorizing about identity and representations, and ignores the need for action at a community level. Inside the Academy and Out is an attempt to demonstrate that the pedagogical and theoretical insights of lesbian/gay/queer studies can have relevance to a broader social sphere. The essayists come from a wide range of disciplines, including education, English, philosophy, sociology and women's studies, and their essays have been split into two areas, 'Pedagogy and Research', and 'Spheres of Actions.' They explore teaching and research theory in order to examine their implications in spheres such as AIDS education, social services, law reform, and popular culture.

Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Publish Date: 1998-07-01

Subjects: Action research, Gay and lesbian studies, Homosexuality Research, Homosexuality/ Research, Homosexuality, Social Science / General, Social Science / Gay Studies, Social Science / Lesbian Studies, Social Science / Sociology / General

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