Acts of Passion

Sexuality, Gender, and Performance

Author: Nina Rapi
Secondary Author: Maya Chowdhry
ISBN: 9781560231080

The first volume to focus exclusively on lesbian performance work, Acts of Passion: Sexuality, Gender, and Performance draws on the experiences and expertise of a wide range of lesbian practitioners and theorists to explore the impact and influences of sexuality and gender on performance. It examines essays, dialogues, and performance texts from theater directors, performers, theorists, playwrights, and performance writers against social and cultural constructs and performance theories to produce a diverse and challenging portrait of lesbian live performance art. The book’s penetrating scope covers drag queens, lesbian vampires, representations of lesbian sex, solo artists, the art of collaboration, lesbian aesthetics, and lesbian playwrights writing straight and illustrates why live performance is one of the most dynamic forums in which women can create, control, and produce their work without artistic constraint.Acts of Passion explodes binary definitions of gender and sexuality by

Publisher: Routledge
Publish Date: 2014-06-03

Subjects: Art / General, Fiction / General, Social Science / LGBT Studies / Gay Studies, Social Science / Popular Culture, Social Science / Gender Studies, Social Science / Media Studies

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