Pink Highways

Tales of Queer Madness on the Open Road

Author: Michael Lane
ISBN: 9781559722636

Right from the entrance ramp you'll know that Pink Highways is surely the most outlandish, unabashedly queer, nonstop travelogue ever written. Michael Lane, co-creator of the world's only mobile magazine, Monk, and today's offbeat king of the road, dishes out in these pages his high-camp adventures as an intrepid gay nomad. Whether by drive-away car, the dirty dog of a Greyhound bus, or in the back of a goat-laden truck, Lane's happily reckless pilgrimage takes him from the Pacific Northwest to the 1993 gay rights march on Washington, D.C., from the sands of Marrakech to the backwoods of Maine. Here are his encounters - Funny, scary, sweet - with a tantric-wonder performance artist, sexy hitchhiking grungemeisters, a traveling band of Hopi dancers, little old lesbian black mamas in the Ozarks, Berbers in the Sahara, firecracker-tossing red necks in Oregon, an ever so subtly flaming car mechanic in Indiana, and many others. Told in a voice absolutely, unmistakably his, Michael Lane's st

Publisher: Carol Publishing Group
Publish Date: 1995

Subjects: Travel / Essays & Travelogues

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