Love makes a family

portraits of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents and their families

Author: Gigi Kaeser
Secondary Author: Peggy Gillespie
ISBN: 9781558491618

This volume combines interviews and photographs to document the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents and their children. It allows all of the family members to speak candidly about their lives, their relationships, and the ways in which they have dealt with the pressures of homophobia. Included in the book are people from diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, representing a wide range of family structures. Together, they provide clear evidence that family roles and responsibilities need not be based on gender, and that children thrive in an atmosphere in which understanding, respect, and love transcend the prejudices of the day.

Publisher: University of Massachusetts Press
Publish Date: 1999-05

Subjects: Bisexual parents, Children of gay parents, Gay fathers/ Interviews, Gay fathers/ Portraits, Gay fathers, Lesbian mothers/ Interviews, Lesbian mothers, Transgender parents, Transsexual parents, Family & Relationships / Alternative Family, Family & Relationships / Parenting / General, Family & Relationships / Parenting / Single Parent, Social Science / Gay Studies, Social Science / Lesbian Studies, Social Science / Sociology / Marriage & Family, Social Science / Gender Studies

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