The Sexual Spectrum

Exploring Human Diversity

Author: Olive Skene Johnson
ISBN: 9781551926810

Questions of sexuality and gender are in the forefront of public discourse. Every day there are stories in the newspaper about same-sex marriage, gay and lesbian parenting, and queer rights. In this fascinating book, Olive Skene Johnson explores the myriad influences and elements that shape human gender and sexuality. Drawing on the scientific findings of experts past and present and on a wide range of personal experiences from everyday people, Johnson explores questions such as: Is sexual diversity new? Why do men and women think differently? Apart from their sexuality, are homosexuals and heterosexuals different? How do genes, hormones, and society affect our sexuality? Answering these and related questions in an informed and entertaining way, Johnson provides a wealth of information in this lively, commonsense look at sexual diversity, blending science with personal stories.

Publisher: Raincoast Books
Publish Date: 2004

Subjects: Psychology / Human Sexuality, Social Science / Gender Studies

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