Global AIDS

Myths and Facts : Tools for Fighting the AIDS Pandemic

Author: Alexander C. Irwin
Secondary Author: Joyce V. Millen
ISBN: 9780896086739

AIDS is the most devastating communicable disease in history, and structures of poverty and injustice are magnifying the crisis in underresourced countries. More than 36 million people are infected with HIV/AIDS--the vast majority of them in the poor world, or in poor and marginalized communities within wealthy countries. And since AIDS was first recognized in the early 1980s, 13 million children have been orphaned and 22 million people have died from the disease. Irwin and Millen, co-authors of the critically praised Dying for Growth: Global Inequality and the Health of the Poor, demonstrate that it is morally imperative and practically feasible to control the spread of AIDS by overturning common myths about treatment and prevention. For example, it is often argued that ordinary citizens in rich countries can do little to fight AIDS in poor counties. But Irwin and Millen show how individual activists, students, health providers, and members of international health organizations have h

Publisher: South End Press
Publish Date: 2003

Subjects: History / United States / 20th Century, Medical / General, Medical / AIDS & HIV, Political Science / General

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