Earthquake Weather


Author: Janice Gould
ISBN: 9780816516308

ItÕs unmistakable, that strangely calm air and sky that signals big change ahead: earthquake weather. These are familiar signs to Janice Gould, a poet, a lesbian, and a mixed-blood California Indian of KoyangkÕauwi Maidu descent. Her sense of isolation is intense, her search for identity is relentless, and her words can take oneÕs breath away. Sometimes accepting, sometimes full of anger, GouldÕs work is rare, filtered through the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of a lesbian of Indian heritage. Over and over again, she speaks as an outsider looking in at the lives of others--through a doorway, out of a car window, or from the shambles of a broken relationship. Showing a steady courage in the midst of this alienation, her words are also stark testimony to the struggle of an individual caught in social and emotional contexts defined by others. In Earthquake Weather, as in an evolving friendship, Gould opens herself to the reader in stages. "I did not know how lonely I was / till

Publisher: University of Arizona Press
Publish Date: 1996

Subjects: Nature / Weather, Poetry / American / General

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