Aimée & Jaguar

A Love Story, Berlin 1943

Author: Erica Fischer
ISBN: 9781555834500

Excerpts A letter from Lilly to Felice, March 31st, 1943 Felice, I love you! What a feeling it is to be able to say that! Oh, Felice, the nicest fate I could hope for is that of lasting happiness. I want to live with you for a long, a very long time, do you hear? And life is so beautiful, so wonderful. Felice, do you belong to me - without limit? To me only? Please say you do, at least for a very long time to come, please! Do you love me? I'm acting like a seventeen-year-old, arent't I? Be good to me, Felice, please? And yet please don't hold back. I wanted to lure you out of your hiding place. I am like a child playing with fire; will I get burned? A little? Totally? Felice, stop me! Isn't it just a little bit your fault that I'm so crazy, so totally crazy? A poem from Felice to Lilly, Christmas 1943 That there was a time before you - I can't believe! To me, we've forever been this way, Together, side by side in life and in dreams, Surrounded both by darkness and the light of day. Yo

Publisher: Alyson Books
Publish Date: 1998

Subjects: History / Holocaust, Social Science / LGBT Studies / Lesbian Studies

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