Queer Transexions of Race, Nation, and Gender

Author: Phillip Brian Harper
ISBN: 0822364522

Queer Transexions of Race, Nation, and Gender. By positing queer as a point of departure for a broad critique that is calibrated to account for the social antagonisms of nationality, race, gender, and class, as well as sexuality, this special issue, edited by Phillip Brian Harper, Anne McClintock, Jose Esteban Munoz, and Trish Rosen, constitutes an intervention in what is still the early formative stage of queer-theoretical engagement. Contributors to this issue include Phillip Brian Harper, David L. Eng, Rosalind C. Morris, Jose Esteban Munoz, Judith Halberstam, Don Kulick, Rachel Holmes, Priscilla Wald, David Valentine and Riki Anne Wilchins, C. Jacob Hale, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Tim Lawrence, Judith Butler, and Nancy Fraser.

Publisher: Duke University Press
Publish Date: 1997-12

Subjects: Homosexuality, Social Science / Anthropology / Physical, Social Science / Ethnic Studies / General, Social Science / Gay Studies

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