Queer Astrology for Women

An Astrological Guide for Lesbians

Author: Jill Dearman
ISBN: 9780312199531

A hilariously irreverent and startlingly insightful astrology guide for lesbians.Jill Dearman is a breakthrough astrologer for our time. No one has approached the stars with her sass and class ever before! Her guide to astrology for lesbians is lively, revealing--and naughty!Sections include: in life, in bed, how to seduce her, doing her and dating her, how to last over the long haul, how to get rid of her, and the three faces of each sign.How to get rid of an Aquarius woman: Ms. Aquarius will pack her bags soon after you start invading her personal space and drowning her in too much nonstop and irrational cemotion. Ms. Aquarius hates to feel trapped, so if you slowly take away all her freedoms, you will be watching her walk out the door faster than you can sing "This is the dawning of the..."The Cancer woman is intensely emotiona...and her moods change with the tides. Not that you can every completely figure her out. Would you dare to assume you could understand the sea or fully absor

Publisher: Macmillan
Publish Date: 1999

Subjects: Body, Mind & Spirit / Astrology / General, Social Science / LGBT Studies / Gay Studies

This book is available in the following Community Centers: LGBT Recource Center (Location: )