Que(e)rying Religion

A Critical Anthology

Author: Gary David Comstock
Secondary Author: Susan E. Henking
ISBN: 9780826409249

Is it possible to be religious and to be gay, lesbian, or queer? Until recently, many persons - gay or straight - would have said no. But over the past decade or so, a vast literature has emerged of personal narrative, apologetic, and polemic, asserting both the existence and acceptability of such dual identities.Que(e)rying Religion includes but moves beyond tradition-based experiential writing by turning to the academic study of religion. It includes work that compares or focuses on different religious traditions, such as various forms of Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Native American spiritualities. It also incorporates writing on various geographical areas and historical time periods. By assuming a wide definition of religion, it raises questions about the terms religion and religious themselves.Read together, the contents of Que(e)rying Religion provide access to a broad selection of work at the intersection of religious studies and lesbian/gay/queer studies.

Publisher: A&C Black
Publish Date: 1997-02-01

Subjects: Religion / Theology, Religion / Christian Life / Social Issues, Religion / Christianity / History, Social Science / Sociology of Religion

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