The Burning Pen

Sex Writers on Sex Writing

Author: Muncy Christian
ISBN: 9781555836153

In this groundbreaking work, contemporary writers of erotica reflect on how their work originates, how their sexuality shapes their words, and, more important, how their words have affected their sexuality. Patrick Califia-Rice, Fack Fritscher, Cecilia Tan, Thomas Roche, Carol Queen, Felice Picano, Shar Rednour, Laura Antoniou, and Simon Sheppard are just a scattering of the names brought together by noted erotica writer M. Christian to deliver an eye-opening, thought-provoking examination of the craft of writing about sex, which includes each writer's favorite erotic story as an illustration of this group's diverse approach to sexuality and language.M. Christian is the author of "Dirty Words, Eros Ex Machina, Midsummer Night's Dreams," and "Guilty Pleasures," and the editor (with Simon Sheppard) of "Rough Stuff.

Publisher: Alyson Books
Publish Date: 2001

Subjects: Reference / Writing Skills, Social Science / LGBT Studies / Gay Studies

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