Susie Bright's Sexual State of the Union

Author: Susie Bright
ISBN: 9780684800233

"In this distillation of her outspoken and sometimes painfully honest views, Susie Bright explores the hot-button sexual issues of the day, infusing her discussion with personal anecdotes and keenly drawn observations of the big, bad world of sex." "In the chapter "As Porn as We Wanna Be," Susie blows the lid off the porn debate, challenging us to fess up to our appetites for X-rated entertainment - and to recognize the societal changes that those appetites require. "Famous athletes and courtroom defendants have moved into prime-time pornographic amateur hour," she observes. "Al Capone could never have dreamed of this, but O.J. may have to soon." In "The Vibrator Clerk Chronicles," she unearths the buried truth about fantasies - what makes them so forbidden, powerful, and necessary. In "Talking in the Dark," she offers first-hand analysis of the student-initiated sexual behavior policy that created such an uproar at Antioch College - and reveals whether students really follow it. (A hi

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publish Date: 1997

Subjects: Social Science / Sociology / General

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