The Queer Parent's Primer

A Lesbian and Gay Families' Guide to Navigating the Straight World

Author: Stephanie A. Brill
ISBN: 9781572242265

When a family is headed by two women, which one is the mommy? If two dads show up at the soccer game, what do you tell your teammates? As families evolve into new constellations, the practical challenges attached to raising children are enormous. There may be custody disputes, public queer-bashing, and other forms of homophobic intolerance that the whole family is forced to endure.This empathetic guide offers gay and lesbian parents some real-life parenting solutions to the many obstacles they encounter. Through examples and interactive exercises, author Stephanie Brill encourages parents to think their way through conflict, and find ways to define and protect their family, and nourish a proud and loving household.There is plenty of concrete advice to help readers present their families with pride, and to teach children to resist gender stereotyping. The author deftly handles loaded issues such as coming out, finding culturally sensitive childcare and making decisions about spiritualit

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Publish Date: 2001

Subjects: Family & Relationships / Alternative Family, Social Science / LGBT Studies / Gay Studies, Social Science / LGBT Studies / Lesbian Studies

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