Transgender Health and HIV Prevention

Needs Assessment Studies from Transgender Communities Across the United States

Author: Walter O. Bockting
Secondary Author: Eric Avery
ISBN: 9780789030153

Get the latest assessment of the health needs of the transgender populationThe impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the transgender community has been tragically ignored, and as yet there is surprisingly little research data on the subject of health care and HIV prevention in this marginalized population. Transgender Health and HIV Prevention fills this void by providing a groundbreaking empirical assessment of the health needs of transgender persons in several areas around the United States. Respected experts discuss issues that hinder the effectiveness of HIV prevention programs, including housing, mental health, and employment, as well as the unique broader problems of social stigma, discrimination, and the lack of transgender knowledge and sensitivity on the part of health providers and prevention workers.Even though recent studies show estimated HIV infection rates to be as much as 60 percent among specific transgender populations in the United States, the transgender community cont

Publisher: CRC Press
Publish Date: 2006-01-04

Subjects: Medical / General

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