Why Dust Shall Never Settle Upon this Soul

Author: Ryka Aoki
ISBN: 9780991900855

"In the old old days, Ryka Aoki would be tagged as some kind of prophet, and the thumbsucking masses, bewildered & flummoxed by her talking stories, would stone or torch her. Forged from the ceaseless grappling match with life, living, identity, obligations, duty, home & selfhood, the poems in this striking collection are a libretto of what survives, what is elusive, what transforms or transmogrifies, and what remains primal & elemental." --Justin Chin, Author of Gutted, and Bite Hard "Sharp-eyed, witty, passionate and just, a lament for trans losses that is also somehow a celebration of life, this book made me cry and then laugh and then do something that was both at once. It is an important contribution to our literature and also that rare thing, a book of poetry you won't be able to put down." --Cat Fitzpatrick, Poetry Editor, Topside Press

Publisher: Biyuti Publishing
Publish Date: 2015


This book is available in the following Community Centers: LGBT Recource Center (Location: )