Halfway Home

Author: Paul Monette
ISBN: 0380717972

"Penniless, AIDS-stricken performance artist Tom Shaheen has retreated to a run-down oceanfront estate on Malibu Beach to brood over lost opportunities, lost loves...and the disease that is ravaging both his body and his inner self. But one day his past comes calling. Brian, Tom's estranged 'golden boy' brother, the despised tormentor of his youth, arrives on the actor's doorstep seeking sanctuary from disasters of his own making. Abruptly he crowds Tom's life with incident and danger, dragging him reluctantly back into the sloppy tangle of human relationships...and awakening within him a dormant, life-affirming capacity for understanding, forgiveness and love." --Back cover

Publisher: Avon Books
Publish Date: 1992

Subjects: Fiction / LGBT / Gay

This book is available in the following Community Centers: LGBT Recource Center (Location: )