The Love of Good Women

Author: Isabel Miller
ISBN: 0930044819

"It is the latter years of World War II. Gertrude is convinced that she should be grateful to the superior, belittling Earl for marrying her; for her children, whose respect and allegiance belong to Earl; for the demeaning circumstances of her life, which she believes would be even harsher except for Earl. Milly is the independent, sometimes willful wife of Earl's successful brother. Milly is also a self-acknowledged lesbian. Apprehensively, Gertrude takes a wartime factory job. And soon she is compelled to confront the bondage of her life. Milly's life becomes ever more entwinded with Gertrude's, and she too discovers bonds in her life: those she must break, and those she must hold dear... Two singular women during the war years, when thousands discovered the missing dimension in their lives, and a few took the first steps to escape from their domestic prisons."--Back cover.

Publisher: Naiad Press
Publish Date: 1986

Subjects: Fiction / General

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