Out, Loud, & Laughing

A Collection of Gay & Lesbian Humor

Author: Charles Flowers
ISBN: 9780385476188

Gays in the military.  Lesbian parents taking their kids to school.  Gay and lesbian couples getting married.  Everywhere you turn gay and lesbian Americans are in the news and more often than not, at the center of some controversy, some debate about tolerance and civil rights, where anger and hatred rule the day.  What's amazing is how gays and lesbians continue to survive without losing their self-respect, their courage, or most surprisingly, their sense of humor. Out, Loud, & Laughing features fifteen of today's funniest gay and lesbian humorists, from stand up comics like Kate Clinton and Frank Maya, to the performance work of the Pomo Afro Homos (Postmodern African-American Homosexuals) and Marga Gomez, to the queer Addison and Steele of the 1990s, Frank DeCaro and David Sedaris. In many ways, gay and lesbian humor is no different from heterosexual comedy, but the material does raise a few eyebrows: the insufferable Jesse Helms, the military ban ("be all you can be ...but

Publisher: Anchor Books
Publish Date: 1995

Subjects: Humor / General, Social Science / Gay Studies

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