Women as Lovers

Two Plays

Author: Theresa Carilli
ISBN: 9781550710076

Dolores Street and Wine Country humorously and dramatically capture San Francisco lesbian culture. In Dolores Street, four quirky roommates - Lonnie, Fran, Danielle, and Wendy - arrange a dinner party from a personal ad. As the four women prepare for the dinner, they comically struggle to understand their ill-fated love affairs, fascination with jelly donuts, and obsession with house meetings. In the end, they discover each other. Wine Country depicts the trials of triangles. Jo's lover, Robin, gets involved with their best friend, Jamie. Jo heals through her experience only to find herself in another triangle - on the other side.By satirizing the lesbian in her quest for love and identity, Carilli renders funny, moving, and candid portraits of lesbian life.

Publisher: Guernica Editions
Publish Date: 1996

Subjects: Drama / American / General

This book is available in the following Community Centers: LGBT Recource Center (Location: )