Set in Stone

Butch-on-butch Erotica

Author: Angela Brown
ISBN: 9781555835804

In this brilliantly original anthology, 20 of the most celebrated erotica writers of recent years take us on a bumpy, naughty, no-holds-barred trip with the most elusive of lesbian creatures: butch women who know how to get one another's motors revving. A wry and sexy anthology that drives hard and fast but guarantees a thrilling ride.Contributors include Pat Califia, M. Christian, Lisa E. Davis, Amie M. Evans, Nicole Foster, Catherine Lundoff, LeslA(c)a Newman, Thomas Roche, Anne Seale, and JenLynn Sweet.Angela Brown is a Los Angeles-based writer, editor, and cartoonist, whose interest in butch women was sparked early on by her marathon viewing of the Aussie television show "Prisoner: Cell Block H" as well as Pam Grier's numerous women-in-chains flicks.

Publisher: Alyson Books
Publish Date: 2001

Subjects: Fiction / Erotica / General, Fiction / LGBT / Lesbian

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