Author: R. D. Zimmerman
ISBN: 9780385319232

Todd Mills is running out of time.Against his instincts, Todd is lured to the Stone Arch Bridge by an anonymous phone call with promises of a hot blackmail story. Under pressure, and in need of a scoop, Minneapolis television's most well-known (and only) openly gay reporter soon finds that his visit to the bridge does deliver a sensational exclusive, but not the one he is expecting: Todd arrives to see a man murdered, leaving him as the sole witness to the crime.Todd's lover, city homicide investigator Steve Rawlins, immediately takes on the case. But when a mysterious suspect emerges, the danger only intensifies, for this suspect has a secret, a past, and an identity that isn't what it appears to be. An attempt is made on Rawlins's life in the course of his investigation, and Todd--dragged into the center of the story he's trying to cover--makes a frightening discovery. The murder victim was a police officer, and was gay. The killer, it seems, has developed a taste for watching gay co

Publisher: Delta
Publish Date: 1999-11-09

Subjects: Fiction / LGBT / Gay, Fiction / Mystery & Detective / General

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