Exchange Alley

Author: Michael Walsh
ISBN: 0446520691

Lieutenant Francis X. Byrne, a smart, ambitious homicide detective on the rise, lives in a rundown Hell's Kitchen apartment and knows far less about his own life than he believes. Struggling with his temper, his drinking, and his relationship with a woman who has him outclassed, Byrne is trying to solve the gruesome slaying of a Danish diplomat - and following the trail of Egil Ekdahl's short life into a world where beautiful people play the most dangerous of games. As Byrne gets closer to Ekdahl's true identity he collides with the one man he loathes more than any other human being: his own FBI agent brother. Tom Byrne has broken every rule in pursuit of a spy's Holy Grail: the KGB's top-secret file on Lee Harvey Oswald. It's a dossier that the FBI, the CIA, and even the Mafia desperately want...a file stained by blackmail, intimidation, and suicide.

Publisher: Warner Books
Publish Date: 1997

Subjects: Fiction / General

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