Separate Rooms

Author: Pier Vittorio Tondelli
ISBN: 9781852422233

Leo is an Italian writer in his thirties. Thomas, his German lover, is dead. On a plane to Munich, Thomas's home town, Leo slips into a reverie of their meeting and life in Paris, nights in Thomas's flat in Montmartre and a desperate, drug-induced flight through the forests of northern France that spells the end for Leo and Thomas' languid, erotic life together. Leo travels to England to escape the brute continent and to descend into anonymity. Separate Rooms is a story of almost ideal homosexual love, cruelly broken by absence and separation. When Thomas was alive, he and Leo had separate rooms in order to preserve the urgency of their passion. Now, Leo faces solitude, the impossible striving of memory to recreate life and the hostility of a prejudiced world.

Publisher: Serpent's Tail
Publish Date: 1992

Subjects: Fiction / Gay

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