Demon Eyes

Author: Scott Tracey
ISBN: 9780738726458

A demon never dies without a fight.Braden came to Belle Dam because his uncle's life was in danger. Upon arriving, he is drawn into a centuries old feud between the town's witches, and his role in their future. To save his uncle, Braden killed the monster that had been manipulating him.Or so he thought.Now a new darkness has risen from the ashes, and new players emerge from the shadows. Braden, too, is undergoing a change. Becoming colder. Crueler. As the feud reaches a new boiling point, Braden learn that sometimes the future can't be undone at all, and some tragedies were always meant to happen.

Publisher: Independently Published
Publish Date: 2019-04-09


This book is available in the following Community Centers: LGBT Recource Center (Location: )