We Know Where You Live

A Maggie Garrett Mystery

Author: Jean Taylor
ISBN: 9781878067623

Maggie Garrett is a red-headed San Francisco P.I. with a reputation for quick thinking and an ability to keep her mouth shut. When a local gay paper accuses the Pride Club, some of whose members have close ties to the Mayor, of financial improprieties, the club's Executive Committee hires Maggie to investigate. In the face of a terrifying campaign of intimidation against her, Maggie discovers a web of corruption that extends far beyond the gay community. As she gets closer to the truth the stakes are raised and a member of the Executive Committee is murdered. Is it a random act of anti-gay violence or a result of the investigation? Attacks on Maggie suggest she's on to something, but will she survive to get to the bottom line?

Publisher: Da Capo Press
Publish Date: 1995-02-10

Subjects: Fiction / Mystery & Detective / General

This book is available in the following Community Centers: LGBT Recource Center (Location: )