Author: Randy Salem
ISBN: 0941483428

"Beautiful Christopher Hamilton, writer of scientific articles on marine life, has made a success of her career. Her talents have taken her to exotic places around the world, and soon she will be traveling again -- word has come that the rarest seashell on earth has been found in a South Pacific lagoon. For the past four years Chris has lived with lovely Sheila Dizendorf -- "Dizz." But their relationship is a minefield. Try as she might, Chris cannot sexually satisfy the alluring, capricious Dizz. And now Dizz has become interested in George...Seeking solace in drunken one-night stands with women she meets in Greenwich Village bars, Chris becomes involved with war and generous Carol Martin. Carol admires Chris and her work and does not intend to let Chris out of her life. But Dizz knows very well her power over Chris..." -- Publisher's description.

Publisher: Naiad Press
Publish Date: 1989


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