Letting Go

Author: Ann O'Leary
ISBN: 9781562801830

Drawing herself away from Laura's hungry mouth she whispered, "I don't know what to do".Laura pulled the woman tight against her and kissed her slowly and deeply. Then she leaned back and smiled, "Oh, I think you do..".At 30 years of age, Laura seemed to have it all -- a beautiful home, her own advertising agency, and a stunningly beautiful lover. And in a business where luscious legs and a dazzling smile can make the difference between winning and losing a new account, Laura won lots of new accounts. But something was missing from her life...Handsome and charming, barhopping Kelly is absolutely irresistible to all women, including herself. Everyone knows that when Kelly sets her sights on someone it is only a matter of time before she gets her way. And she's got her sights set on Laura...A successful commercial artist who does business with Laura's firm, Kate has also done well for her 23 years. She has brains, looks, talent -- and a secret crush on Laura. But Laura has no intention o

Publisher: NAIAD Press
Publish Date: 1997


This book is available in the following Community Centers: LGBT Recource Center (Location: )