Speaking Dreams

Author: Severna Park
ISBN: 1563410141

In a retrograde future, where the known galaxy is divided between slavers, a deteriorating empire, and legendary aliens, a young women with the gift of prescience--Costa--is taken from her home-world and sold into service. Unknown to her captors, or to the woman who reluctantly buys her--Mira LoDire, a diplomat--Costa possesses information that will forever change the balance of galactic power. As the unavoidable confrontation between the three unevenly matched factions unfolds, so, too, does the love of the women for each other. The two of them are thrown into the midst of foretold events, their destinies woven together by a common enemy, their ultimate freedom dependent on trust and fate.

Publisher: Firebrand Books
Publish Date: 1992

Subjects: Fiction / General

This book is available in the following Community Centers: LGBT Recource Center (Location: )