The Total Zone

Author: Martina Navratilova
Secondary Author: Liz Nickles
ISBN: 9780679433903

High pressure, high risks, high profile: the passwords of professional tennis. But what is the impact on young players? What happens when loyalties become twisted, when the line between privacy and the public is crossed? Nobody knows better than Jordan Myles, tennis champion turned sports therapist, who works with top players and aspiring stars, all of them drawn to the Desert Springs Sports Science Clinic. Their goal: achieving the Total Zone - the Holy Grail of tennis - when the mind and body are in perfect harmony and winning is inevitable. Audrey Armat comes to the Springs in search of the Zone - then disappears. Jordan, launching a hunt for her that criss-crosses the international world of pro tennis, uncovers a startling story of abuse, suicide, and murder.

Publisher: Villard Books
Publish Date: 1994

Subjects: Fiction / General

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