The Gang's All Queer

The Lives of Gay Gang Members

Author: Vanessa R. Panfil
ISBN: 9781479870028

Honorable Mention, 2018 Distinguished Book Award presented by the American Sociological Association’s Sociology of Sexualities SectionThe first inside look at gay gang members.Many people believe that gangs are made up of violent thugs who are in and out of jail, and who are hyper-masculine and heterosexual. In The Gang’s All Queer, Vanessa Panfil introduces us to a different world. Meet gay gang members – sometimes referred to in popular culture as “homo thugs” – whose gay identity complicates criminology’s portrayal and representation of gangs, gang members, and gang life. In vivid detail, Panfil provides an in-depth understanding of how gay gang members construct and negotiate both masculine and gay identities through crime and gang membership. The Gang’s All Queer draws from interviews with over 50 gay gang- and crime-involved young men in Columbus, Ohio, the majority of whom are men of color in their late teens and early twenties, as well as on-the-ground ethnograp

Publisher: NYU Press
Publish Date: 2017-08-15

Subjects: Social Science / Criminology, Social Science / Sociology / General

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